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How to hide generated javascript file in visual studio code

In this post I am going to show you a cool trick in visual studio code. Let's suppose you are writing typescript code in visual studio code and you want to hide generated javascript code.

Create .vscode folder in your folder and then create settings.json file and paste following code

{ "files.exclude": { "node_modules":true, "**/.git": true, "**/.DS_Store": true, "**/*": true, "**/*.js": {"when": "$(basename).ts"}     } }

How to host wcf service in IIS using Tcp protocol

In this post I am going to show you how to host WCF service in IIS using TCP protocol.By default, the TCP WCF activation service is not enabled on your machine. You can follow these steps to enable the TCP activation for WCF services:
Go to Control Panel | Programs | Turn Windows features on or off. Expand the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.1 node on Windows 7 Check the checkbox for Windows Communication Foundation Non-HTTP Activation on Windows 7
Next,Create the IIS application to host the WCF application using TCP protocol.Follow these steps
Open run command and type inetmgrCreate a new application and point to physical folder.Select the DefaultAppPoll  and make sure your default app pool is a .NET 4.0.X application pool.Right-click on web application, select Manage Application | Advanced Settings, and then add net.tcp to Enabled Protocols.(Make sure you use all lowercase letters and separate it from the existing HTTP protocol with a comma)
Now the service is hosted in IIS using th…

How to change default binding in wcf 4.0

In this post I will share a very handy tips for wcf 4.0.As we all know that default binding is a new feature introduced in wcf 4.0.With WCF 4, this is no longer the case because the runtime automatically adds one or more "default endpoints" for you, thereby making the service usable without any configuration.