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Draw Fractal tree in wpf

In this post I will show you how to draw Fractal tree in WPF.Before going to implementation details first go throw this link.

Algorithm:To draw a fractal tree is simple:Draw the trunkAt the end of the trunk, split by some angle and draw two branchesRepeat at the end of each branch until a sufficient level of branching is reached

Create a new WPF application and add following code


How to draw Sierpinski triangle in WPF

In this post,I will show you how to draw Sierpinski triangle in wpf. Create a new WPF application and add foloowing code in MainWindow.xaml<Windowx:Class="Sierpinski.MainWindow"xmlns=""xmlns:x=""Title="MainWindow"Height="350"Width="525"><Grid><ViewboxStretch="Uniform"><StackPanel><StackPanelOrientation="Horizontal"Margin="5,5,5,0"><ButtonName="btnStart"Click="btnStart_Click"Width="50"Content="Start"/><TextBlockName="tbLabel"Margin="20,5,0,0"/></StackPanel><CanvasName="canvas1"Width="300"Height="300"Margin="5"/></StackPanel></Viewbox></Grid></Window>Open MainWindow.xaml.cs and add following code into itusing System; using S…