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Creating Organization Hierarchy in ASP.NET using Google Organizational Chart

In this post I will show you how to integrate google org chart in your application. First create a new empty website in visual studioAdd jquery and google visualization api reference to the default page Let's first create dummy data.Create following table schema and insert some dummy data into this. Table Schema CREATETABLE [dbo].[EMPLOYEES] ( [EmpID] CHAR (4) NOTNULL, [Ename] VARCHAR (10) NULL, [MGR] CHAR (4) NULL, PRIMARYKEYCLUSTERED ([EmpID] ASC), UNIQUENONCLUSTERED ([EmpID] ASC) ); Insert Data INSERTINTO [dbo].[EMPLOYEES] ([EmpID], [Ename], [MGR]) VALUES (N'7369', N'Smith', N'7902') INSERTINTO [dbo].[EMPLOYEES] ([EmpID], [Ename], [MGR]) VALUES (N'7499', N'Allen', N'7698') INSERTINTO [dbo].[EMPLOYEES] ([EmpID], [Ename], [MGR]) VALUES (N'7521', N'Ward', N'7698') INSERTINTO [dbo].[EMPLOYEES] ([EmpID], [Ename], [MGR]) VALUES (N'7566', N'Jones', N'7839'…